O Christmas Tree 2012

The tree is up, and the kids could not wait for this.  Said tree was actually purchased last weekend, but lived on the back porch all last week.  The Webmaster brought it into the garage on Friday night to dry, but it wasn’t done drying by the time Saturday afternoon rolled around.  So we struck a deal with the kids – we’d get the lights up (which also took some doing, because strands decided to keep dying on us) and then actually decorate the tree on Sunday afternoon.

The older two were just a little excited.

Rerun was napping, so I set his ornaments aside and Ane and Tad got into all of their ornaments.

Since each kid is acquiring at least 2 new ornaments a year, this is becoming a bigger and bigger job each time.  Not that they minded.  Ane can actually remember getting some of her special ornaments – or at least picking them out.  Tad just loves seeing the ornaments that represent all the things he loves (and this wasn’t even all of them):

And, as always, each kid got to choose one new ornament for the tree this year.  Tad’s choice was simple and predictable.

He also got to hang up the ornament that he got in his stocking last Christmas… and his Dad put the batteries in it, so it plays the 1966 Batman theme when you push the button.

Ane’s choice was also predictable.

She also is collecting the new cupcake series of ornaments… gets a new one every year.

Rerun got to pick out an ornament, too, and I waited until he was up from his nap to hang it.  We’ve already had to go over the “do not remove ornaments from the tree” rule with him… I hope it sticks.

Though he did start crying when I hung this one of the Webmaster’s on the tree… he thought it should be a toy to play with.

And this one is right at his eye level, which Rerun is thrilled about, because he loves the “Wo-War One Fwying Ace!”

And I hung this one up carefully and out of the reach of the kids.  It was painted years ago by a neighbor of my parents’, who passed away not long ago.  Both the Major and Ressis have ornaments she painted, too (Auntie wasn’t born yet) – it’s dated 1987.

As I said to the Webmaster, as we hung up the ornaments – some of them connected to the people who gave them to us, some of them connected to special trips or events, “This isn’t so much a Christmas tree… it’s a memory tree.”

It took forever to get the tree decorated (at least four hours – I can’t wait until the kids can do more of this work unsupervised/without me constantly moving fragile ornaments off the tips of branches), but it was finally done and the star was placed on top by the Webmaster.

The rest of the decorating is on its way, but Christmas has officially come to this house.

The kids are pretty excited about it!

2 Responses to “O Christmas Tree 2012”

  1. Grandma
    December 3rd, 2012 09:04

    I think the best Christmas trees are “memory trees”. The designer trees are beautiful, but this kind of decoration says “family”. As an aside, until the last hand painted ornament was showcased, your blog post could have been a Hallmark advertisement 🙂

  2. Nana
    December 4th, 2012 07:32