Ane Speaks, then Karma does

Sunday night, after the tree was decorated, Ane and Tad were playing Xbox before bedtime – Lego Star Wars.  Tad is doing really well with learning how the controller works and which buttons do what and all of that… but invariably, he always gets disoriented or lost during certain levels.  This happens in pretty much every game he plays like this – Lego Batman included.  The Kinect-based games are much more straightforward and usually point the player in the direction they need to go.

So, Tad got stuck at a certain point and asked his sister for help, then got upset that she wouldn’t take his controller and move him back to where she was.  She usually does help him out, but refused to this time.  When we asked her why he was upset, she said in her snottiest tone, “He needs to learn that I’m not going to save him every time he gets stuck.”

Eventually, Tad figured it out and the game continued.

Fast-forward to 10 minutes later, when Ane walked over to the Webmaster, who was working at the computer on a project.  “Dad, we need help on this level, we’re stuck.”

I knew the Webmaster was actually trying to get something finished, and I just couldn’t resist the chance to let karma bite my daughter in the butt.  “I guess you just need to learn that Dad isn’t going to save you every time you get stuck.  Oh, SNAP!!”

Yes, I said “Oh, SNAP!!” to her.  Never said it before.  Probably won’t have the chance to do it again.  But it was too perfect of a moment to pass up.

Ane was not thrilled with me, and marched off.

The Webmaster was equally amused with us both.  “You just said “oh, snap” to her?”

It had to be done.  Maybe next time, she’ll be nicer to her brother.


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  1. Ressis
    December 4th, 2012 10:51