How To Make A Cranky Boy Go To Bed

Tad did NOT want to go to bed last night.  He wanted to stay up and play all night long – forget school in the morning!

I finally calmed him down as he was brushing his teeth, and then he began to complain about a loose tooth.  Which I knew had to be getting close to coming out.

When he finished brushing his teeth, I said, “Tad, let me see your tooth.”

He obligingly opened his mouth.  I took a good look at the tooth, and – knowing that we are headed to the dentist on Wednesday (happy Christmas break, kids!  You get your teeth cleaned!) and wanting to prevent a repeat of our previous visit – I gave the loose tooth a tweak and a pull.


And there it was, in my hand.  Tad was thrilled.  Now he could go to bed and leave his tooth for the Tooth Fairy!

The boy couldn’t wait to get tucked in and put his tooth under his pillow.

I don’t think it would be a good idea to pull out a tooth every time he doesn’t want to go to bed, though.


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