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Year 9

Monday, December 24th, 2012

It was time again (and thankfully, Tad was well enough) for our annual Christmas dinner and gift exchange with Friend and Doc and the boys (and Best Babysitter, too).  This was the ninth year that we’ve done this – and gotten a picture of the kids (see here and here for previous years). I used […]

Steam Cleaned and Germ Free?

Friday, December 21st, 2012

So much for plans. Tad decided to empty the contents of his stomach on the living room carpet last night.  And because he was so busy playing on the XBox, he didn’t even try to make it to the bathroom.  In fact, as we all yelled at him (especially his sister) to GET MOVING, his […]

Gingerbread House Construction

Thursday, December 20th, 2012

Usually, I set Auntie up to do this with the kids.  But this year, I did it.  I bought a kit a week or so ago, and while Rerun was napping yesterday after the dentist appointment (and everyone’s teeth are nice and clean, thank you), I got the kit out. Ane got the responsibility of […]

Gingerbread Smells

Wednesday, December 19th, 2012

The Webmaster and Ane were out last night at church, so I took the opportunity to bribe the boys with Cars 2 and bake Gingerbread Bears, which I’ve been meaning to do as soon as I got a free evening. When they got home, the Webmaster declared that he wanted to bottle the smell in […]