The Birthday Debrief

We threw a birthday party amidst all this Christmasing, too!

Ane’s birthday theme this year was the movie “Brave” – but after I told her that I really couldn’t make fondant bows and arrows for cupcakes, she opted for flowers instead.  (I am not a professional cake decorator, kid!)  The colors were purple and turquoise, with some pink thrown in, because Ane loves pink.

She was very excited to have her birthday party.

She eagerly began opening presents.  Books were popular gifts this year for our bookworm.

Uncle Major and Aunt Q-Bee gave her a home nail kit.  Between this and the nail polish that she got for Christmas, the kid can pretty much open her own nail salon.

The Webmaster gave Ane a few gifts just from him, which included some new earbuds…

… and a gamer shirt for girls that he picked up at PAX this last September.

She’s at that age where she naturally poses with all of her gifts… which Rerun also did, but with her discarded ribbon.

And then we lit the top cupcake on fire.  It was not easy to get 9 candles jammed into a single cupcake.

She had a fun birthday party.  We’re already planning her friend birthday party.  She wants a sleepover this year.  I’m putting it off for a bit – I need to recover from all the Christmas chaos first.

Right after Ane’s party, the kids opened their Christmas gifts from Nana and Papa in such a mad tear that this was the only picture I got of the carnage.

So, that was the end of the big birthday party (with sleepover planned for later), but we still had one more Christmas gathering to get to…

… to be continued…

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