Back in Schedule

The kids are finally having a complete week of school, and even though I’m still trying to de-Christmas the house (though the tree is down and the Webmaster cut it all up for the yard waste bin), we’re starting to get back into our school/therapy/regular groove.

Which I was good with until I realized that I’m 28 weeks along and just entered my third trimester and WHAT DO YOU MEAN EASTER IS MARCH 31ST THIS YEAR AND I’M DUE THE DAY BEFORE???

And then my “to do before the baby arrives” list got very, very long.

First things first – Tad needed new shoes.  He has been complaining for a while that his current pair were feeling “ouchy,” but when I got his feet measured at a shoe store, they measured to be exactly the size that he’d been wearing.  We opted for Keens this time because he loves their sandals, and he can manipulate the zip tie for the laces on his own.  They arrived last evening and Tad spent the rest of the evening wearing them.  I think it’s safe to say that we solved the “ouchy” problem.  But I better get the next size up for Ane in tennis shoes, just in case, and I’m pretty sure Rerun will need new shoes sooner than I want to think about, and there are no more hand-me-downs in shoes from his brother (we’ve reached the size/age where shoes get worn out along with being outgrown, especially boys’ tennis shoes).

And don’t even get me started on Easter clothes.  The boys got shirts at Christmas that they can wear for Easter, but I haven’t figured out Ane yet.

Someone at church asked me if I was ready to be done with the pregnancy.  When I said, “Not really,” she did a double take and asked, “You LIKE being pregnant??”

“No, it’s not that – I’m not ready to have a newborn yet!”

But I need the kids to be back in their regular routines, so it was with glad heart that I sent them back to school last Thursday.  I have SO MUCH TO DO between now and Easter!!!

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