Go Seahawks!

Well, I didn’t watch the game this last Sunday, because Tad and Ane had been invited to Tad’s good friend Danny’s birthday party at Pump It Up (our favorite bouncy place) at the exact same time as the game.  So we listened to the game on the radio in the car (the Webmaster did get to watch it, since he was at home while Rerun took his afternoon nap) and then the Webmaster occasionally texted me updates.

When the Seahawks won, I let Ane call her Uncle Major to gloat.  I’m not sure she left the voicemail properly, but she wanted to rub the win in his face, since he’d gone with the Redskins for the game.

Then she turned to me and said, “You owe me a Seahawks shirt!”

Ane’s school had had a “Seahawks Day” on Friday to celebrate the team being in the playoffs and had encouraged students to wear Seahawks colors or gear.  Ane came home, absolutely insistent on participating.  She wanted to borrow Auntie’s Seahawks jersey, but Grandma, after looking for it, concluded that Auntie had it at college with her.  Ane was disappointed enough that I improvised – an old gray headband of mine got wrapped with some green ribbon, and she wore a navy blue polo over a white long-sleeved shirt.  So, she had all the colors.  Apparently the headband proved to be pretty cool, because she doesn’t want to take the ribbon off of it.

But I did promise her that if the Seahawks beat the Redskins, I would get her an official Seahawks shirt.

Yesterday, Rerun and I were running some errands at the mall, and on my list of things to do was to stop in at the Seattle Team Shop to see if they had ANYTHING in kids’ Seahawks gear.  There has been a run on all Seahawks stuff, so I knew my selection was going to be very limited at places like Target or Fred Meyer (where I found exactly nothing, incidentally, because they were long sold out).

But the Team Shop had a girls’ T-shirt that I knew Ane would like, and will probably last her through next season.  And as a bonus, I found a shirt for Tad, too.

Now all the kids have a Seahawks shirt, because Rerun already has one – he’s been wearing it all season.

I will have to get a picture of all three kids in their Seahawks shirts together, and hopefully their mojo will get the Hawks past the Falcons!

Add that to my list of “things to do!”

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