Clean Up Job

Yes, we were all very disappointed about the game yesterday.  We can only have magical comebacks so many times.

On the up side, pitchers and catchers report in less than a month to Spring Training!

Back to our lives here in the Corner Haus.  The amount of kids’ clothes in this house is insane.  I started cleaning and reorganizing because the boys had so many clothes that they had outgrown that were just getting stacked in a corner in their room… and our room… and the hallway…

And on Saturday I snapped and yelled, “I HAVE HAD ENOUGH OF THIS!!!”

Several hours and three more storage boxes acquired later, I have all the boy clothes in this house organized from birth to size 5 in labeled bins.  And my next big task is going to be to go through the girl clothes and start purging stuff.  There are some hand-me-downs I have laid aside for my nieces, especially for Belle and Little Cousin (who are closest in age and size to Ane), but I saved very nearly every single thing.  Little Cousin borrowed a lot, but it all came back, because they didn’t have room to store things and we just never knew if there would be another little girl…

And now that we know that the boy clothes are all going to be used again, but not the girl ones, it’s time to start getting rid of the girl clothes that have no sentiment attached to them and either give them away to friends or donate them.  This is going to be harder than it looks, because Ane was just so cute as a baby and there are so many memories that I have of her in those clothes.

I will save the very nice/most sentimental things, because someday Ane may want them herself.  Or, as the Webmaster joked, we could adopt.

In the meantime, Saturday’s effort resulted in one big check mark off my to-do list.

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