Twenty Today

You read the title right.  Today is Auntie’s 20th birthday.  She complains about how Ane turning 9 makes her feel old.  Well, I was there in the hospital room when Auntie was born, so I feel really old.

She made it home this last weekend, and even though she was working all weekend for her boss, we did manage to celebrate with her at Red Robin on Saturday night.  She shared her birthday dessert with Ane (and would have shared with Tad if he’d been awake enough, but he had a headache and pretty much fell asleep in Grandma’s lap at the table.  And Rerun doesn’t like ice cream much – too cold).

Happy birthday, Auntie, from all of us in this house!  You are much loved and missed here!

One Response to “Twenty Today”

  1. Nana
    January 16th, 2013 07:09

    There really is a likeness in those two pretty girls 🙂