Two Thousand!

Hello and welcome to post number 2000 at Deanna’s Corner.

I can hardly believe that.  The blog is quickly approaching 8 years old, and started off as a simple daily writing exercise for me.  Then family started moving away, and when they did, they liked to check in here to see how the kids were doing.

And I just kept going.

So, here we are.

Two thousand posts ago, this was the only child I was writing about:

My oh my, how things have changed…

And don’t forget the little guy who plans on joining us this spring!  We’re call him Thumper right now – that may not be the blog nickname that sticks, but that’s his name for the moment.

Who knows what the next 2000 posts will bring??

Stay tuned…

One Response to “Two Thousand!”

  1. Ressis
    January 22nd, 2013 23:32

    I feel old.