Flashback Friday

Today is the day of Ane’s birthday slumber party… which just got decimated by two girls falling sick.  Oh, well.  Even Ane realizes that there’s nothing you can do about that.  Even one friend spending the night is still a party!

Anyway, it put me in mind of Ane’s very first “slumber party”… which was an impromptu sleepover on New Year’s Eve when Little Cousin spent the night.  The girls had so much fun and they barely got to sleep before midnight.

How I wish she had her cousins here to make this a REAL party!

I’m just hoping that this slumber party goes off well – I’ve arranged for Trophy Cupcakes and we’re going to pick up pizza and watch Brave.  And I’ve even arranged that her little brothers won’t be here for most of the evening!  They will be having their own pizza-and-pajama party over at Grandma’s house, and then the Webmaster will bring them home for bed.

With such a small party now, I feel confident that we will all survive the night.  🙂

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