Complete Surprise Achieved!

I got a message from my friend Beth last week, telling me that they were going to be back in town over this weekend (for a very sad reason – they were attending a funeral).  Now, Beth is the mom to Ane’s good friend and Skype buddy, Lisa.  The two girls have kept in close touch ever since the family moved to Maui last June, mostly through Skype.

Beth and I conspired to carve out some time for the girls to see each other, even though they were very busy seeing family while they were here.  So, on Friday after school, when they stopped by for a couple of hours, Ane was completely clueless that her friend was even stopping by, much less back in the STATE.

Her surprise was so total and complete, and I wish I would have been able to film it or get a picture, but it would have been too obvious.  Her jaw dropped as her eyes told her that Lisa was standing in front of her, but her brain was saying, “Wait a minute… she’s SUPPOSED to be in Hawaii!!!”  After about 20 seconds of jaw-dropping amazement (while Beth and I kept laughing at the expression on her face), she finally squealed with sheer delight and tackled her friend in a bear hug.

The girls then disappeared into Ane’s room and we didn’t see them for nearly two hours.

I had to break in so I could snap a picture or two of them together – and prove that yes, Lisa had really been here.

The girls were only sad that they had such a short time together, but there is talk of another visit back once school is over this summer.  And we already have our next Skype date set up.  Thank goodness for technology!

After they left, Ane threw her arms around me and said, “Mom, you TOTALLY surprised me!!!”

I hugged her back and said, “Yes, I’m good at keeping a surprise a secret, aren’t I?”

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  1. Ressis
    February 11th, 2013 10:32