Say the word “pants” to Tad or Rerun right now and this is what you get.

Meanwhile, I have been trying to find pants for Tad that won’t aggravate his sensory issues.  I bought him a couple of pairs of what he calls “fuzzy pants” not too long ago when they were on clearance at Old Navy.  They are just fleece sweatpants, but he loves them.  But he absolutely cannot wear them to school.

I haven’t let him wear anything that doesn’t have a zipper and button/snap to school in years, and I do make him wear jeans.  There’s a couple of reasons for this.  First, he plays hard, and jeans are simply more durable.  He puts holes in knees easily.  Second, I know many, many, MANY kids, especially kids on the spectrum, who wear sweats or baggy shorts or warm-up pants all the time.  I don’t like the look.  It’s just sloppy looking to me.  Not for my kid.  Third, when I have tried elastic-waisted jeans on Tad, they have a tendency to fall down because the kid is a stick.  He has no waist and no butt.  There is nothing holding those pants up.  We had a couple of, um, “incidents” when he was still at his preschool and potty training, and wearing elastic-waisted jeans (much more readily available in toddler sizes) where his pants just fell down as he was running around at recess.

But these fuzzy pants have fit reasonably well and stay up, even though he’s only allowed to wear them around home or to the swimming pool (they feel good after swimming lessons and a shower).  And he has gained just enough weight to move him sort-of-kind-of out of slim jeans.  So the new problem has been that the buttons on the adjustable waist jeans (which pretty much everyone makes now) are bothering him.

Enter Gymboree and these new elastic waisted jeans for boys.

I bought him a pair and he ADORES them.  And they stay up!  (I left comments for Gymboree on their customer service surveys to let them know they had a winning item and to PLEASE keep them around!)

So I will be buying more.  He’s not off the hook, because who knows how long this style will stay around, but I am going to get an extra pair in the next size up.  And I will be hoping he doesn’t go through a major growth spurt anytime soon, so he can wear them a long time.

One Response to “Pants”

  1. Denise
    February 13th, 2013 14:13

    These pants really look great! Thanks for sharing!