Let This Be Over

Since I kind of flashbacked yesterday, and this week has been a rough one, I’m feeling like this:

I just want this week of midwinter break to be over.  I need these kids to be back in school.  Before they kill one another.  Or get themselves killed.

Ane is bored – her sleepover with Lina from Sunday to Monday set the bar of her week FAR too high.  She has wanted to go back to school for days.

Tad has gone crazy.  He has had his “regular” activities – speech, swimming (along with Ane), and ABA therapy, but he’s got too much time on his hands to play and drive his little brother insane.  And for his little brother to drive him insane.

And poor Rerun has not done well at all.  He’s used to having all the toys to himself during the day – and his mother’s attention.  While that is something he’s going to have to learn very quickly to do less with, the kid is not used to having the older two around this much.  He loves them, but I think he’s wondering why they aren’t leaving the house like they should.

And then there’s me.  If this were a normal midwinter school break, I’d be taking them to the zoo, or out to play, or something.  But the weather’s been fairly disagreeable, the yard is in need of some more cleanup, post-septic work, and I have a little extra weight that I’m toting around that makes walking more of a chore than I need it to be.  Plus, it makes me contract.

If we get to Monday and we’re all in one piece, then I will consider myself a successful mother.  Everyone pray that we get to Monday!!!

One Response to “Let This Be Over”

  1. Ressis
    February 22nd, 2013 00:10

    We need to Skype today. Call me (maybe). (I couldn’t resist!)