Stop, Vomit, Drop

Rerun is sick.  Again.  Does this kid SERIOUSLY have to pick up every single germ that he comes in contact with???

For crying out loud, Ane and Tad go to PUBLIC SCHOOL and aren’t catching the stuff that he is!  Is the church nursery just THAT much of a petri dish?  (Short answer: yes, it’s pretty bad this cold/flu season.)  But I wipe down every single cart that the kid rides in, and I try and keep his hands santized, and he’s not a “mouther” (meaning he doesn’t put toys in his mouth).  And still…

It started with a bad cough on Thursday, which developed into a low-grade fever on Friday, which turned into a leaky faucet nose on Saturday morning.  By Saturday evening, the Webmaster and I were in a debate on “do we take him to church with us and just keep him with us the whole time, because no way can we put him in the nursery?” when something happened to help us make up our minds.

It was dinnertime, and Ane wanted to help entice Rerun to come sit down for dinner.  So she gave him a piggyback ride, starting from our living room couch, intending to deposit him in his high chair.

I don’t know if the jostling did him in, or the squeezing, or what, but he urped up (it wasn’t a full-out vomit, but it smelled bad enough) all over her shoulder.  Which startled her so badly that she dropped him, flat on his back, on the living room floor.

I heard the THUD from the kitchen, and came out to find a horrified Ane starting to cry (because she dropped him), an equally horrified and stunned Rerun on the floor with vomit smeared on his face also starting to cry (because he got dropped), and Tad simply staring with his eyes as big as saucers at the whole scene.

Fortunately, the clean-up job was minimal (a few spots on the carpet, nothing that required the steam cleaner), Ane changed shirts, and Rerun, once he was stripped of his shirt and calmed down, managed to worry down some dinner before taking a bath.  And then the  Webmaster stayed home with him on Sunday morning while I took the older two with me (I still had a class to teach).

And as we were on our way home from church, after stopping at the grocery store for a few things, I called the Webmaster to tell him that we were on our way home.  We started discussing whether or not Rerun was well enough for us to do our regular Sunday night dinner with Friend and Doc and the boys.  And then I hear the Webmaster yell, “Oh, CRAP… Rerun just threw up.  Bye.”

So, that was the answer to that.

(He was up in the high chair at the time and the tray caught most of it.  Yay for the tray!)

The older two are going back to school today (hurrraaaaaayyyyyy) and hopefully, they will avoid whatever their little brother has.  Strangely, they usually do.  They have enough years/immunity that it seems that when he comes down with this stuff, they’ve already had it.  Still, this has been a nasty season of crud.

So, if I haven’t called you to get together, or if I cancel on you this week… you now know why.  And if I catch another kid with a snotty green nose going into the church nursery, I may not be responsible for what happens next.

2 Responses to “Stop, Vomit, Drop”

  1. Ressis
    February 25th, 2013 00:43

    Poor Rerun. And poor Ane, too. And poor you for having to clean up that junk.

  2. Denise
    March 1st, 2013 21:04

    So feel your pain. There should be special impunity for pregnant moms-of-three–no vomiting for a year.