That Phone Call

Monday night, Tad went to bed with a raging headache.  Or, as he said, “My brain hurts.”

The one good thing about Tad being able to describe his physical ailments is that he is VERY specific.  When he says his brain hurts, I know he means it.

However, he went to bed so early that by 7 am, he and Rerun were up singing Veggie Tales songs at the top of their lungs.  Which caused Ane to wake up, stumble half-asleep out of her room, yell, “WOULD YOU BE QUIET???” at them and then stumble back to bed.

(Oh, and the Webmaster and I were awakened by all the racket, too.)

When I finally got up, Tad was happy, saying his brain was “all better” and since he didn’t have a fever, I sent him off to school.  What he did have, however, was a bad cough.  The question was, is it the same cough he’s been trying to get rid of, or did he pick up Rerun’s bad cold?

At about 2:15 pm yesterday, I got that magical phone call from the school nurse.  “Could you come pick up Tad from school?  He threw up.  Oh, and if you could bring a clean pair of pants…”

Rerun, of course, was already fast asleep and completely worn out from his early-morning recital with his brother, and from making a huge fuss over getting his hair cut (pictures tomorrow), and I really really really didn’t want to wake him up to drive over to Tad’s school.  So, I called Little Mo’s mom to see if she was home.  She wasn’t, but Little Mo’s dad was.  He very kindly agreed to sit in my living room for 20-30 minutes while I went to pick up Tad at school, much to my profound relief.  (Thank you AGAIN, Little Mo’s Dad.)

Tad was exhausted, and yes, my suspicions were correct.  He had had a bad coughing fit, which triggered his gag reflex, which caused him to throw up.  Still no fever, and no headache, but very tired and still coughing.  At least it isn’t stomach flu.  So I took him home, and he’s staying home today to make sure that he’s well enough to go back Thursday.  If he doesn’t develop the same symptoms that Rerun has, and we can get the cough under control, that is.

At least I can give him cough medicine… which I can’t give to Rerun, because he’s too little.

In the meantime….  WHY do they have to share everything???

At least they can share the humidifier.

One Response to “That Phone Call”

  1. Ressis
    February 27th, 2013 05:41

    I thought you wanted them to share? 😉

    Hope Tad feels better soon!