Still Not Big on Haircuts

Rerun is getting better about getting his haircut, but he’s still not fond of them.  I let him go very shaggy because his birthday is coming up, and I wanted to put off a professional cut until closer to that big day.  And if I cut his hair… well, his hair is not Tad’s hair.  Tad has my coarseness and his father’s curl.  Rerun’s hair is like Ane’s (though Ane’s is starting to develop a wave) – very fine and very straight.  In other words, unforgiving if Mommy makes one wrong cut.

So while I’m willing to trim Ane’s bangs and run a guided buzzer over Tad’s head, I’m just not brave enough to cut Rerun’s hair on my own.  I’ll pay someone else to do that.  In this case, my stylist Rae.

Here, Rerun is cheesing it up for me because I asked him to smile, and he had the iPod in hand.

The iPod was a bribe… and he realized it as soon as the cape went on.

But even when he fusses and cries, he sits still.  However, all the stylists in the salon came by to say, “Oh, poor baby, it’s okay!”

And because Rae is a professional, and Rerun sat still (even through the crying), the suffering and angst ended quickly.  He wasn’t in that chair more than 15 minutes.

And now that the extreme shaggy and fluffy hair has been tamed, and I can set up a time for his birthday pictures.  Hurray!

One Response to “Still Not Big on Haircuts”

  1. Ressis
    February 28th, 2013 04:48

    I noticed you said that Tad has your coarseness and the Webmaster’s curl, but you could say that he has, oh, I don’t know, MY hair!