Rerun Speaks – Mommy’s Helper

Hi everyone!  It’s me, Rerun!

Daddy took these pictures of me yesterday right after I got up from my nap.  Mama was making dinner and I just KNEW that she needed me over her shoulder to work properly.  I mean, how else was dinner going to get made, if I’m not there to supervise?

I wanted Mama to hold me, but she set me on the counter because she says I’m heavy and there was no way she could trim Brussels sprouts and hang on to me at the same time.  I wasn’t pleased, but Daddy got the camera out and I’m a sucker for the camera.

And the woman says she can multi-task.  Sure.  Learn to hold a toddler while you use a sharp knife, then brag about your multi-tasking skills, Mom.  And seriously, that lump in the middle of your stomach works pretty well to sit on when you’re standing up, but it is seriously taking over your lap when we’re sitting down.  Might want to have a doctor look at that, Mama.

I mean, really, Mama, how would you EVER get anything done around here without me to keep an eye on you?

PS – Dinner was good.  Because I helped.  I liked the chicken and mashed potatoes especially.

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