Three Candles

We turned Rerun’s birthday into a two-day celebration.  On his actual birthday, which was Friday, Tad had his usual ABA session down at the university.  That gave me the perfect excuse to call ahead and place a small, special order for cupcakes at our favorite cupcake shop.  Then we invited Grandma over for dinner and had a nice little meal together, which was capped off with a cupcake and singing “Happy Birthday” to Rerun.

Last year, he wasn’t really sure what to do about the whole candle-and-cupcake deal.  This year, he knew he had to blow out the candles.  Problem was, he couldn’t.  He was making his mouth into an “f” sound shape instead of an “o” sound shape, so as a result, he was blowing down and through his teeth.  Grandma ended up giving him a helpful, unseen assist and got those candles blown out.  Then he could finally eat his cupcake.

Rerun is not big on ice cream at the moment – he finds it too cold.  However, he LOVES him some cake.  And when it comes in a little wrapper, the size is pretty much perfect.

I picked a classic flavor for him – chocolate cake, vanilla buttercream.

As you can see, he liked this flavor – a LOT.

He polished off that cupcake (nowhere near as fast as his siblings ate theirs, though – he savored, they inhaled), and thought that having a birthday was a pretty great idea.

And then we had the family party the next day!  To be continued…

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