Veggie Tales Party!

Saturday, there was a birthday party with the family!  Rerun’s crazy, heavily pregnant mother had decided to make this a Veggie Tales party.  While I did order the candle, I had to come up with cupcake decorations.  This wasn’t my original plan, but they ended up being recognizable to the birthday boy, so I guess I did an okay job of it.

He was thrilled with the cupcakes.  Mostly because it meant MORE CAKE.

Auntie, thanks to Grandma’s efforts, made it right after a softball doubleheader up in Bellingham.

Rerun was more than happy to open up some presents after eating dinner.

It just took him a VERY long time to open each present, because he wanted to do it all by himself.

There were lots of Veggie Tales toys…

… and books…

… another T-shirt (the “Monkey” one he’s wearing in these pictures was a birthday gift from us)…

… and the topping gift (which turned his brother green with envy), a Larry Copter from Great-Grandma and Great-Grandpa.

There was also some Angry Birds toys and Star Wars toys, and an awesome hoodie from Auntie and JW that we should have used a phone booth to change in to.

Rerun finally finished opening all his presents, and it was time for candles and cupcakes!

We ran into the same problem as the day before with blowing out a candle, so this time Mommy provided the assist.

He almost got the candle out, but yes, I did eventually give his some extra help.  He didn’t care.  He got a CUPCAKE.

All in all, he had a very happy third birthday!

And I need to wish someone else a very happy birthday… my niece Belle is 7 years old today!  Happy birthday from Aunt Deanna, Uncle Webmaster, Ane, Tad, Rerun and Thumper!

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