As I have blogged about before, the boys are having a really hard time with each other.  This is a consequence of Tad’s autism, Rerun’s toddlerhood, and the fact that their interests are just dovetailing each other right now.  Batman.  Angry Birds.  Star Wars.  Star  Wars Angry Birds.  Veggie Tales.

And then Rerun had his birthday, and got toys that Tad just thinks are all kinds of awesome.  And the fact that they belong to his brother, and are NOT his, is a very hard concept to come to grips with.

Eventually, the novelty will wear off on some of them and Rerun will not feel quite so possessive, but since he JUST had his party and got these presents… that day has not come yet.  And one toy in particular that is proving to be a horrible temptation to Tad is Rerun’s new set of Star Wars Angry Birds.

This was a gift from Obachan (we picked it out for her), and has a Jabba the Hutt pig, a Rancor pig, a Luke Skywalker bird, and several fun blocks to build with, plus a Millennium Falcon slingshot.  We finally opened it up for Rerun to play with, and it was just too much for Tad to keep away from it.  In fact, right before this picture was snapped, the Webmaster was reminding Tad to not touch the toys (because they had JUST come out of the box).  When Tad saw me with the camera, this is the pose he struck:

That is a GREAT smile on Tad… it completely says “Hi, Mom, I’m totally not doing anything but watching my sweet little brother play with his new Star Wars Angry Birds toys!”

The next picture is more indicative of just how hard this was for Tad.

His hands are just itching to grab those figures.

And then he saw the camera again.  And so did Rerun.

We had to have a loooong talk with Tad the other night about sharing, and about how these were Rerun’s new toys and how he needed to let Rerun be the one to play with them for a while, and also acknowledging that this is VERY hard for Tad to see his brother get all these fun and cool toys for his birthday.  But we also reminded him that when Tad’s birthday comes around, Rerun won’t get to just take his toys, either.

When the Easter Bunny comes, the boys will each probably want the other’s stuff, but at least they will both get something fun in their baskets.  So that will help.  But for now… the temptation is just terrible.

One Response to “Temptation”

  1. Aunt Lynda
    March 14th, 2013 10:33

    What typical boys! And how nice Tad looks in his sweater and shirt. He is growing older looking.