More Nesting

I totally cleaned the boys’ room up this weekend.  Not that I found everything I was looking for, toy-wise, but at least the place is much more organized now.  (Note to self: check under couch.)

Because Thumper will be sleeping in the bassinette in our room for the time being, Ane is getting a small reprieve for the moment, and the cradle will go in the living room for the time being, I think.  Meanwhile, I rearranged the boys’ closet (which has not had doors back on it since we took the carpet out and had the floor refinished 18 months ago) to take out the 8 cube organizer unit and put it against the wall at the foot of Tad’s bed, and put plastic dresser drawers next to the changing table in the closet to hold Thumper’s clothes.  This also has the added advantage of letting the boys’ shirts have enough room to hang down properly over the new drawers.

Then I pulled out the newborn boy clothes that I just did a complete reorganization of a couple of months ago and got them into the drawers, along with the newborn diaper pants and the handful of preemie-sized things that we bought for Rerun’s first few weeks.

I really can’t believe there is going to be someone that tiny wearing these clothes again!

And Thumper’s bag for the hospital is mostly packed… I guess I should be working on my own!

One Response to “More Nesting”

  1. Aunt Mary
    March 19th, 2013 21:09

    Praying for a speedy delivery and a healthy baby boy! Waiting to hear the news!