Rerun Gets Checked Up

The big three year old had his well-child checkup appointment yesterday at the pediatrician’s office, and these were his stats…

Height: 37 inches (3 feet 1 inch), 42nd percentile
Weight: 30 and 3/4 pounds, 40th percentile

So, he is totally proportionate, but not huge.  I’m good with that.

He is developing right on track as far as the pediatrician is concerned, especially as far as his gross and fine motor skills are concerned.  They wanted to know if the university was still keeping track of him because of the autism study that he was a part of, but I actually have not heard from them at all.  I should probably email them and ask, but I have a feeling that since the researchers have published initial findings of their study, they might not be collecting more data.  Especially since Rerun has completed all the MRI scans that they wanted.

I did talk to them a little bit about our decision to keep Rerun out of preschool for a year, and obviously they could see how pregnant I am and understand our decision.  Our pediatrician (who has been our doctor ever since Ane was born and was the doctor who referred Tad out to the pediatric psychologist) wanted to hear all about Tad’s continuing development and how Rerun was interacting with him.

Boy, did I have a lot to say about THAT.

It’s nice to have a doctor who actually remembers the kids and has an interest in how they are doing.

And I’ll be seeing a lot more of Dr. N in the very near future with Thumper.

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