Report Cards Again

Ane and Tad both brought home their winter report cards yesterday.  There were absolutely no surprises in them, though to listen to Ane, you’d think that she was living in fear of failing the third grade.

Of course, Ane’s report card read that she is a pleasure to have in class, is a hard worker, and is mastering new math skills at a rapid pace.

However, she is the child that needs to be validated, so I read to her exactly what her teacher had written.  Then I went over her grades – the girl is consistent.  If a grade changed, it went up.  But OH!  THE DRAMA!  I finally shooed her off so she would stop reading over my shoulder.

Good grief.

Tad’s report card is not exactly a report card… he gets the same form as Ane does, with pretty much nothing filled out except “See IEP” marked all over it.  His IEP (individual education plan) was also included, with new updates.  I am pleased to say that Tad is doing well, especially academically.  He has met his reading goal for the plan, but they will continue to work on it to make sure he stays consistent.  He has shown marked improvement in math, with a desire to work more independently (even though he may not always get the answers right).  Behaviorally, there have been some improvements, especially in classroom behavior, but there’s still a lot of work to do.

And astonishingly, we’re actually going to need to have another IEP meeting at the end of next month to make plans for next year.  Wow.  At least there’s no question that he has continued to learn and grow in the mid-level CLC, and will stay there for the next two years at a minimum, and possibly through the rest of his elementary years.  It’s nice to feel that we made the right choices to move him to the mid-level program and to have him repeat first grade.

I guess we all need to feel validated at times!

Ice cream for everyone!

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