Tad’s Show and Tell

Last Friday, I left Rerun at home with the Webmaster (who is taking some time off work to help out at home) and took Thumper with me to pick Tad up from school.  I left early, knowing that Tad’s teacher, Ms. W, would love to see Thumper and chat about Tad, since I had not seen her for a couple of weeks.

Thumper was wide-awake when I took him from the car seat and carried him into the classroom.  The class was still at recess, so Ms. W and I got to chat while she help Thumper and cooed over him.  Then the class was lining up outside, and the kids were coming in and seeing this tiny little baby.  When Tad saw me and Thumper, his eyes lit up and he got very excited.  “Everyone, this is Mom and my new brother, Thumper!”  he announced to the class.

The group of kids (who all have special needs, and are not all on the autism spectrum) crowded around to look at the baby.  Ms. W suggested that Tad get to sit in the “big red chair” and hold Thumper, while everyone else gathered around to ask questions.  I helped Tad sit down and cradle Thumper, and I watched his chest swell as he was given this special task of holding the baby – something which no one else in his class was allowed to do.

The kids were fascinated by Thumper.  I commented to Ms. W that most (if not all) of the kids in Tad’s class are either only children or the youngest child in their families – mostly because when families learn that they have a special needs child, most stop having children.  We are an exception to that rule, and most of these kids in Tad’s class have not seen many little babies.

I got tons of questions from the kids, like “Does he have teeth?”  “Does he talk yet?”  “Can you put him on the floor and we can watch him crawl?”

And Tad continued to beam with pride.  It reminded me of when I brought Rerun in to Ane’s kindergarten class for show and tell when he was an infant.  I’m so glad that Tad got the same opportunity with Thumper.

I have a feeling that Thumper is going to be very popular in that class for the rest of the school year.

One Response to “Tad’s Show and Tell”

  1. Aunt Lynda
    April 2nd, 2013 06:38

    The expressions on Tad’s face are priceless! What a great visit for all!