Princess Dance

Last Friday was the annual Father-Daughter (also known as “Ladies’ Choice” so girls would feel comfortable bringing other family members like grandpas) dance up at the high school.  Ane looks forward to this every year.  This year, the theme was “Disney Princess” and we struck a deal with Ane: we buy a new princess dress and you can wear it for the dance AND Halloween.

She agreed, and we bought Rapunzel’s wedding gown from “Tangled Ever After.”  The dress is pretty, but it is COVERED in glitter.  We vacuumed it and shook it and ran masking tape rollers over it and finally set the glitter with hairspray (found that advice via Google).  Still, the dress is a glitterbomb.

However, Ane looked adorable.

The Webmaster looked quite dapper as well.

Ane later reported having a fun time (though the Webmaster commented that the DJ was lousy this year), and they met up with Lina and her dad at the dance, as planned, and the dads took the girls out for ice cream after the dance.

I stayed at home with My Three Sons and Tad and Rerun opted to watch Cars 2, since their sister wasn’t around to complain about it.

Thumper decided to take a nap, and I wrapped him in his car blanket and set him in his car seat to avoid getting trampled by his brothers.

And look at these eyelashes!

Why do the boys have the best eyelashes???

2 Responses to “Princess Dance”

  1. Ressis
    April 8th, 2013 04:51

    Baby Boy Cousin has great eyelashes, too! And his curl! Not fair!

  2. Nana
    April 8th, 2013 20:28

    Adorable abounds!