Not Leaving

Rerun has come to the realization that Thumper is here to stay.

On Friday afternoon, the boys and I got home from Tad’s weekly ABA therapy session.  Rerun had fallen asleep on the way home, and Thumper was asleep as well.  As we pulled into the driveway, Rerun woke up – which was fine with me.  He’d had enough of a nap to tide him over until bedtime.

As I started carrying in all of our “luggage” from the car, Rerun and Tad followed me inside.  But after Rerun came in, he turned and shut and locked the front door behind him.

“Rerun!”  I said in a scolding tone.  “Thumper is still in the car!  I have to go get the baby!”

Rerun looked at me and his face crumpled.  “NOOOO, DON’T GO GET THE BABY!” he cried.

Ohhhh, boy, I thought.  Someone has realized that his world is not as it used to be.

But by the time everyone was inside, and we had pizza for dinner, all was well again between the brothers.

But now I know what Rerun is REALLY thinking.

And I want to wish my niece Berry a very happy 5th birthday today!  Aunt Deanna, Uncle Webmaster, and your cousins send you our love!!!

One Response to “Not Leaving”

  1. Ressis
    April 15th, 2013 02:45

    I’d be afraid of what Rerun is thinking.