Batman Day

I did not know this, but May 1st is National Batman Day (along with several other random holidays).  Of course, pretty much every day at our house is Batman Day, at least in Tad’s eyes.  He was actually wearing this shirt on May 1st, and then he dressed up in his Dark Knight gear after school – and then I took the picture when I read that it was Batman Day.

My own Batman

Then he carefully arranged all his gear the next morning before he left for school.

It's not the Batcave, but it works

I told him that he should really put it all away, but he didn’t listen.  So this happened.

My smaller Batman

I got it all away from Rerun before Tad got home from school.  I am going to have to do some fast talking to get Rerun into a non-Batman costume this Halloween, I think.

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