Favorite Spots

Thumper has many “favorite” spots that he loves to be at or in.  Occasionally, I’ll highlight one of them here.

Today is an obvious place – Mommy’s lap.

In Mommy's lap at ABA

I took this picture while we were hanging out in the waiting/play area at ABA during Tad’s session.  Thumper likes to just sit in my lap like this – I can get a lot done if I don’t have to move around.  I have folded laundry, played games with Rerun, read books, eaten lunch… anything that needs two hands.

And while I work, I can talk to Thumper, or he can observe what I’m doing.

Unsurprisingly, he doesn’t like to be far away from me.

And a very happy birthday to my favorite sister-in-law, Q-Bee!  We send you our love!

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