It Felt Like Memorial Day

Auntie is back on the ball girl job again this season for the Seattle Mariners, which means that we have an even greater incentive to get to the games.  The Webmaster and I love going, but hauling all the kids there is a little daunting.  So we made plans to go with Grandma and Gichan on a day when Auntie would be working, and it happened to be yesterday.

Auntie and the kids at the game

It was also Thumper’s very first baseball game, and he got to go “on” the field… in Auntie’s arms.

Auntie and Thumper

Since it was Memorial Day, the Mariners had some really wonderful tributes to the military, which included bringing out veterans to be honored, the teams wearing camo colors on their hats and jerseys, an Army band playing both Taps and the National Anthem, a local WWII veteran tossing out the first pitch, and Medal of Honor winner Sergeant First Class Leroy Petry placing the first game ball on the pitcher’s mound.  All of those tributes really did make it feel like Memorial Day, and not just another holiday.

The kids had a good time at the game!  They got to see the Moose…

The kids visit the Moose

… and they all behaved pretty well!  Tad got bored quickly, but we were prepared for that (and brought the iPad and headphones), and he sat with his Gichan.  Grandma and I traded off between Rerun and Thumper, and I was SO proud of Rerun.  He is used to watching baseball at home, but he was fascinated with the big screen at the stadium, and eagerly told us the number of each player up at bat.

Rerun enjoys himself

Thumper got very alert and smiley during the game.

Thumper at his first game

And Ane enjoyed both the game and her baby brother’s company.

Ane and Thumper

The weather was chilly and rainy, and the roof was closed the whole time, but the Mariners won – which was the first time that they had ever won when we’ve brought a baby to his or her first baseball game!!!  Clearly, Thumper is their good luck charm for the season!

And we all had a wonderful time!  (Thanks again to Grandma and Gichan for helping us enjoy the game, and to Auntie for some free tickets!)

2 Responses to “It Felt Like Memorial Day”

  1. Aunt Lynda
    May 28th, 2013 08:04

    What a great family outing! And congratulations to Auntie!!

  2. Denise
    June 4th, 2013 21:36

    What an awesome family outing!