Rerun has been a potty training star lately.  He has a few accidents here and there – mostly because he’s too busy playing (most of the time, outside) to stop and use the bathroom.  But we have successfully introduced training pants, and he’s great about taking them off to go.  Putting them back on, not so much.

But since the weather is so nice, we’ve been keeping his pants off.  This made for some hilarious pictures when Ane gave Rerun her old Superman play T-shirt.

Superman is ready to fly!


Hi Mama, I'm Superman.

And his brother, Batman, was more than happy to play along.

Batman and Superman

I love these boys.

One Response to “Superman”

  1. Ressis
    June 17th, 2013 23:49

    Why do I have a feeling that my little guy will one day be a pants-less Jedi?