I took these pictures of Thumper on Sunday, in my Sunday school classroom.  Because of the florescent lighting in the room, I often turn off the flash and let the ambient light take over.  I get some blurry pictures sometimes, but more often, I get winners that I don’t have to “fix” with red eye corrector.

My handsome happy boy

Sweet Thumper

"Who, me?"

Love those cheeks!

And today is a big day for Thumper… I’m going to be donating him to science.  It’s a family tradition.  He’s going to be taking part in the same autism study that Rerun has been a part of, and because of that, he is having his very first (of a scheduled FOUR) MRI scan this evening.  Fingers crossed that he is just as compliant as his big brother was!

One Response to “Lighting”

  1. Lisa (mommy of the Bean)
    June 25th, 2013 22:13

    That shirt looks so cute on him!! Good find