Hot Days

We are in for some warmer than usual weather around here, but the worst of it might be over.  It’s one thing to look outside, see rain, and not be able to play outside.  It’s another when you look outside, see sunshine, and it’s way too hot to be outside playing in it.  Besides trying to avoid sunburns, Rerun has developed a case of heat rash.  Fortunately, he’s not scratching at it.

The Webmaster installed our window air conditioning unit on Sunday, which made the house pretty livable.  We have also invested in a couple of ceiling fan fixtures for the kids’ rooms, after years of saying “we should do that, and the light fixtures need updating anyway.”  We went to Home Depot after church on Sunday – with all four kids – and bought the ceiling fan fixtures.  Now the Webmaster just needs to find the time to install them.

In the meantime, we are staying nice and cool.

Summer baby

The hotter weather is going to be leaving us soon, and we will have some nice, not overly hot sunny days to play in.

Go outside, kids!

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