Crazy Day

Both Rerun and Thumper are now a part of an autism study at the local university.  This same university is also where Tad goes for his weekly ABA therapy sessions.  Because of the holiday this week, we changed Tad’s usual Friday session to Tuesday, which would follow this huge behavioral assessment for Rerun and Thumper (which is part of the study).

Auntie went with me, because I had to stick with Thumper (who can’t answer questions about himself), so she went with Rerun to make sure that he was comfortable playing with the grad student who was interviewing/playing with him.

When I was done with Thumper’s assessment, I came back to the waiting area, where I had left both Ane and Tad with books and iPad and iPod.  Tad was clutching his left ear, and was nearly in tears as he told me, “Mom, my ear hurts.  On the inside.”

Well, that’s never a good thing.  Tad, while he might lie or obfuscate to get himself out of trouble, never lies about his physical health.  If he says his ear hurts, then it is time to go to the doctor.

Sadly, the poor kid didn’t get much out of his therapy session yesterday, even though I had given him ibuprofen to take the edge off.  It didn’t kick in to help him until much later.

I did manage to get him in to the pediatrician’s office (and was able to leave Ane and Rerun with Auntie at Grandma and Gichan’s house, while Thumper stayed with me), where it was pretty obvious to the doctor with the otoscope that his left ear was indeed infected.  Poor kid.  We got antibiotics started right away.

What. A. Day.

The kids took it all in stride, though.

Ane and Thumper

And thank goodness for Auntie’s help – I really could not have handled yesterday without her!  (But I bought her Starbucks, Dick’s, and Chinese food from Top Foods to make it up to her.  She deserved it all.)

One Response to “Crazy Day”

  1. Aunt Lynda
    July 3rd, 2013 08:29

    It is so good to have family close. My sisters and I had close baby sitters after we moved ‘back home,’ though we were all away for a while when our kids were little.