Thumper Goes to the Zoo

The Webmaster didn’t take Friday off – which a lot of other people did – so we decided to make a fun Saturday of it and went to Woodland Park Zoo. It was a pleasantly warm day, but there is plenty of shade around the zoo.  Besides it being Thumper’s first visit to the zoo, it was also the first time we had Rerun walking through the zoo.  I like the stroller, but there is more freedom when you can move without it.

Rerun Unleashed!Thumper wasn’t sure what to make of the zoo, but he always likes riding around on Mommy.

Mommy and Thumper

Ane and Tad were happy to be running around at the zoo again, too…

Ane and Tad

… but it was really Rerun’s day to explore and have fun.

Checking out the cows


Watching penguins


At the new play area

Thumper enjoyed the walk and the cuddle time…

With Mommy at the play area

… but the zoo can be very tiring when you’re only three months old.

Fast asleep

And when you’re three years old, sometimes you need a helping hand to finish the day.  Or in this case, a helping piggy back ride.

Ane gives Rerun a piggy back ride

We had a fun day at the zoo together.

The Webmaster, Ane and Tad


Mommy with the kids

Here’s to many more!

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