A Big Boy Now

We had quite the busy weekend, and the laundry is calling my name.  So I’ll start backwards, shall I?

This is how the weekend ended.  Rerun had become a little too proficient at climbing in and out of his crib, and I had visions of another broken arm.  So it was time to retire the crib.

This is what the boys’ room used to look like (this is from September 2011, when we did the room makeovers):

The boys' room, September 2011

And here it is after last night…

The boys' room now

Yes, Rerun is now in the toddler bed!  And we brought in the 9 cube shelf unit to hold toys and books and things.  I’m trying to give the nightlight its own space (plus I still want to get at the outlet), but the boys keep acquiring toys.  Plus it helps a little in storing things that used to be under the crib (though the Legos are going to have to move to the garage or a closet or something).

He was very tired after a long day, and I wasn’t sure what he would do with the new bed, especially when he hasn’t been so keen on it in the past.  He climbed right in, played with some toys, read some books, and this is what I found after lights went out…

Fast asleep

He really is a big boy now.

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