Rerun Speaks – sassy edition

Rerun is becoming quite the verbal little monkey lately.

Rerun playing at church

On Saturday, the Webmaster and I worked on cleaning up some of the garage.  It is such a mess and mishmash of STUFF that there was no way that we could get through it in one day. Or think about making dinner after all that.  We ordered pizza.

While the Webmaster and I sat on the couch (I was nursing the baby) and the kids ate pizza, Rerun leaned out of his highchair to look at us.  “Mom, can I have more pizza?”

“You want another piece, Rerun?” the Webmaster asked.

His son glared at him.  “I not talk to you, I talk to Mom.  Mom, can I have more pizza?”

The Webmaster’s mouth hung open, while I turned away so my son wouldn’t see me shaking in silent laughter.

Yes, he got more pizza, for the record.

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