Family BBQ

We gathered on Saturday at Grandma and Gichan’s for a potluck dinner, and a chance to have some family time with Ressis and the kids.  And whenever all seven kids are together, it is quite a zoo!  So it’s a good thing the weather had improved, after a couple of cooler and rainy days.  We could all go outside.

Mommy and Thumper

The great-grandparents got some time to watch the kids and hold the baby.

Great-Grandma talks with Thumper


Obachan and Thumper

The kids enjoyed the opportunity to eat outside and be together.


And then we tried to get a group picture of all the kids.  Tried.

All the kids together!

Maybe the next time we try this, Baby Cousin can be happier about the experience.

He is happier on Grandma’s lap, even if he has to share space with Thumper.

Grandma and her little boys

Baby Cousin still seems to think of Thumper as a speed bump.

Excuse ME!

I’m sure that they will get along great someday… when they are older!

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