This weekend was beyond crazy.

Friday, we went to the zoo with Ressis, Auntie, Grandma and Gichan and all seven of the kids.

Saturday was Tad’s family birthday party.

And yesterday, we – the Webmaster, Ane, Thumper and myself – drove down to Nana and Papa’s house (while Tad and Rerun stayed with Grandma and Gichan) to attend the memorial service of the Webmaster’s uncle, who passed away on July 30th, nearly 15 years after encephalitis robbed him of his memory and life.

It’s been insanely busy.

I’ll stave all my readers off with a cute baby picture, and then start breaking each of these events down.

Because a certain somebody also discovered that he has feet, and that they taste pretty good, too.

Must eat feet!!!

Who knew feet were so interesting?

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