Flashback Friday

Today is my Obachan’s birthday! ¬†I am so blessed to have her near me, and I am so glad that the kids know her so well.

In honor of her, here are some pictures that I have of her and her great-grandchildren through the years!

March of 2006, with a seven-month-old Tad:

Obachan and Tad, March 2006

Thanksgiving 2006, with a seven-month-old Belle:

Obachan and Belle, November 2006

December 2008, with Little Cowgirl (15 months):

Obachan and Little Cowgirl, Christmas 2008

Halloween 2010, with a seven-month-old Rerun:

Obachan and Rerun, Halloween 2010

Christmas 2012, with Ane and Gichan:

Ane, Gichan, and Obachan, Christmas 2012

Earlier this month, with Thumper:

Obachan and Thumper, early August 2013

Happy birthday, Obachan – we love you very much!

One Response to “Flashback Friday”

  1. Nana
    August 30th, 2013 06:52

    She is so special! Please give her our regards.