Back-To-School Prep

Prepping Tad to go back to school tomorrow was easy.  He’s got the same teacher, in the same classroom, at the same school as last year.  His backpack is still intact (for now) and his lunchbox is still fine.  He got some new shirts (mostly shark ones) for his birthday and he hasn’t grown into the next size of jeans yet.

Ane, on the other hand…

Her backpack and lunchbox are still fine (though she has been asking for new ones – she’s had this backpack since kindergarten and the lunch box since first grade), so I told her that we should probably wait for a bit.

She found out who her teacher is going to be last Wednesday (she will have Mrs. P, who is an experienced teacher, after having brand-new first-year teachers for two years in a row) and we went to open house on Thursday morning, so she has seen her new classroom (she’s in a portable this year).  She knows who is in her class, and who isn’t.

Auntie and I took her back-to-school clothes shopping a couple of weekends ago (because Auntie wanted to help her pick “stylish” clothes and I had the credit card), and she now has several new tops, three new pairs of jeans, and a cute pair of ballet flats.

The last piece of the puzzle was the back-to-school haircut.

Ane, after the haircut

After consulting with our stylist, Rae, I agreed to let Ane grow out her bangs, provided that SHE takes care of her hair.  If not, Rae will cut the bangs back in.  We also had about 4 inches cut off, because after a summer of swimming and sun, the ends of Ane’s hair had gotten pretty dead and stringy.  Her hair is getting thicker and wavy, and cutting that much off has actually given her hair quite a bit of lift – it looks much wavier and bouncy now.

Now, all we have to do is wait.  Ane formally registered her yearly protest against Labor Day (because she wants to go back to school NOW), but we went out for our mother-daughter back-to-school pedicures yesterday after church.

She’s ready!

Tomorrow’s post will be later than usual – I will be putting up the first day of school pictures as soon as I get them taken!

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