Curriculum Night All Over Again

Tuesday night was curriculum night for Tad.  Ane’s is next week.  It was really nice for the Webmaster and me to just walk into the classroom, greet the parents we knew, chat happily with the teacher and the para, hear about the class dynamic this year (7 first graders, 4 second graders, 3 third graders for a total of 14 kids – a lot bigger than last year!), and to get the juicy news that Ms. W is engaged and getting married this coming February!  Apparently, she told the kids when it happened… last school year.

As Grandma said, my social secretary (Tad) needs to make better reports on these things!

This school year has been so pleasant when it comes to planning for Tad, so far.  His  teacher and para are genuinely fond of him and want to see him succeed.  When the first day of school rolled around, I didn’t have to worry about how his day would go (other than hoping that he would behave himself) because I knew that they could handle him.

So curriculum night for Tad was a breeze.  And we also got to meet Tad’s “buddy class” teacher, Mrs. V.  Each of the kids in Tad’s class is assigned to a general education “buddy class” to spend time in – eat lunch with, do certain subjects with, etc.  I was happy to see that Rick, who Tad had befriended in his buddy class last year, was also in Mrs. V’s class, because Tad had actually asked about him over the summer, wanting to know if he would see Rick when school started.

It was also highly amusing to peek into Tad’s desk in his buddy class and discover that he was hoarding a quantity of the class’ dinosaur books in there.  They must not have many shark books.

Speaking of shark books, Grandma made a great find for Tad’s birthday and gave him a book called Clark the Shark, which is a story about a shark who needs to behave at school.  I actually bought a copy for Ms. W to keep in the classroom library because it is such a perfect book on how to “stay cool” at school.  Tad took his copy to read with his ABA therapist before school started, and she loved the book, too.  What better character to reinforce good behavior at school than a rambunctious shark?

When we got back in the car, I said to the Webmaster, “Well, this is a fun way to do date night, huh?”  We got home to find our babysitters, Grandma and Auntie, had things well in hand.

Rerun and Grandma read while Thumper listens

Same time, next week, we will get to hear all about the fourth grade!

2 Responses to “Curriculum Night All Over Again”

  1. Ressis
    September 12th, 2013 08:14

    Thumper looks so much bigger!

  2. Lisa (mommy of the Bean)
    September 12th, 2013 10:26

    I see Thumper has a shark on his shirt. Starting him young, huh? 🙂