Rerun Speaks – Clothes edition

We are getting SO CLOSE to having Rerun completely potty trained.  I’m so proud of him.

Of course, his sister assumed that he was done, since he was doing so well, so she put him to bed wearing underwear a couple nights ago.

Naturally, he didn’t make it through the night, and we needed to change the sheets immediately.  (Sigh)

Still, he’s doing really well, and we’ve been working on taking pants off and putting them back on, along with all this potty work.  Usually, when we’re at home and Rerun can take himself, I put him in either sweat or fleece pants.  Elastic waistbands are the way to go!

And I even bought some of Tad’s favorite “comfy” elastic-waisted drawstring jeans for Rerun, as a way of making things even easier for us.  But we only have the one pair, so we still have to use “regular” button and zipper jeans, too.

Yesterday, Rerun had to be reminded to put his underwear and jeans back on after a potty break.  He came out of the bathroom, underwear back on, but jeans in hand, clearly frustrated with them.  As he struggled to get them back on, he muttered, “Stupid pants!”

The Webmaster, Ane, and I all heard him.  The Webmaster and I valiantly tried not to laugh out loud.  I finally had to help him get the jeans back on.

I love that boy, and I love that he says funny, funny things.

Someone is watching his big brother

And I’m not the only one who finds him fascinating.

2 Responses to “Rerun Speaks – Clothes edition”

  1. Ressis
    October 3rd, 2013 04:30

    I love that boy!

  2. Aunt Lynda
    October 4th, 2013 11:34

    What a wonder to have an older brother, sister, or even cousin to look up to!