Science Makes Me Tired

Well, that’s done for another 6 months!

Thumper had his second MRI last night, and I am exhausted.  These research MRIs are always scheduled for nighttime, when babies will sleep and the machine is available.  He was an absolute champ and slept through the scans, but we didn’t get home until well after midnight.

I also heard from the Ph.D who is running the autism study, with Rerun’s results from his 3 year old assessment and Thumper’s results from his 6 month old assessment.

Rerun is testing as developmentally normal for a three-year-old.  His speech is a little weird (they consider his receptive language – meaning what he hears and understands – to be slightly below average, but within normal range), but his motor skills are normal (his fine motor is above average) and he blew the test out of the water in symbol recognition (meaning that he knows all his letters and numbers).  Thumper is testing as developmentally normal for a 6 month old, and is testing at above average in expressive speech (because he makes so many sounds) and in fine motor skills as well (his ability to grasp and transfer toys from one hand to the other is quite good).  And the Ph.D kept saying, “Thumper is just so happy and adorable!”

Happy baby is happy

Yes, he is.

And I’ve seen scans of his brain, and it’s pretty cute looking, too.

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