The Very Blustery Saturday

We had quite the storm front move in on Friday night, and by Saturday morning, we had rain and wind blowing all around.

The power went out at 10 am.

Some interesting notes learned about each kid when the power is out…

Ane whined a lot about being bored, or not liking the options available.  So I sent her to run errands with the Webmaster.

Tad complained about the options, but took the whole situation pretty well.  He did walk around the house, systematically testing lights, asking “Is the power back yet?” during the entire outage.

Rerun… will not survive the apocalypse, or a camping trip.  This was the first time he’d been faced with an outage in recent memory, and he was pretty scared.  This child of the 21st century does not know what to do with himself if there is no electricity.  Fortunately, the iPad was charged, so we put on a movie while the Webmaster built a fire in our fireplace (which also scared him – he has a healthy respect for fire).  Eventually, Rerun unwound and was willing to move off the couch (where he’d been clutching his blanket and bear).  But he needed to either watch some favorite shows or listen to favorite music to feel better, and not so cut off from the rest of the world.

Thumper did not care one whit about the power being out.  He had his Mommy, he had food, he was fascinated by the fire (which we had to blockade so little baby hands would not get hurt).  He got to play in his exersaucer and was happy.

Pretty content boy

Our power came back on at 3 pm, to much rejoicing.  We had been without for 5 hours (and we were fortunate in that regard) and the kids were quite done with their Little House in the Big Woods experience.


Kids these days.

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