The Little Boys

These two are going to be a powerful force to be reckoned with someday.

Rerun and Thumper

Whether they will be a force for good or evil, only time will tell.

A brotherly kiss

Rerun is quite fond of Thumper.  He is always wanting to give him a hug or a kiss, but as Thumper grows and gets into his stuff, Rerun is starting to find him to be a little more annoying.

"Why are you bothering me?"

Usually, Rerun is pretty good about alerting me to the fact that Thumper is getting into whatever he is playing with.  But I do keep in mind that he IS only three and a half.

"Can I play with your feet?"

For example, after I took the above picture, Rerun decided that he’d had enough, and kicked Thumper’s hands off his feet – which resulted in a short fall for Thumper.  I was right there, so I was able to intercede quickly.

Rerun is in a very interesting position at the moment.  He wants to play with Tad (and Tad’s stuff), but I think he’s getting the sense that he’s either being manipulated or ignored by his older brother.  Thumper is too little for Rerun to play with, but I think he knows that he has acquired a potential ally.

My little boys together

Either that, or Rerun is hedging his bets on which brother can help him overthrow their sister someday.

One Response to “The Little Boys”

  1. Denise
    November 27th, 2013 12:16

    Oh, there will be a coup someday…

    Happy Thanksgiving!