An Early Cousin Christmas

It is much more fun to get to watch kids open the presents that you have bought for them in person.

So when the Major wanted to do Christmas a little early for his kids and ours, I got my shopping done, wrapped everything up, and the Saturday after Thanksgiving, we had a Cousin Christmas party.

Rerun opens a present The Major had fun shopping for his nephews.

Uncle Major introduces Tad  to Iron Man

Let the war begin...

The girls all made quite a haul, too.

The B-Squad gets a present from Auntie


I was most excited about Belle’s gift from us, because she had made mention of how badly she wanted a Rainbow Loom – they are all the rage this year – and I had already bought one for her.  She was thrilled – and immediately got it open and started making bracelets.

So happy

Even Thumper got a few things.

Mmmm... yummy ball

The kids had a great time, but the visit was beginning to come to an end.  We got some good last pictures together, though, and I’ll put them up on Monday.

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