Christmas Ornaments 2013

The tree is up, and the kids have new ornaments on it.  They are developing quite a collection between them!  Ane has the most, of course, being the oldest, but I am really liking the fact that they have their “own” ornaments to hang.  No one else gets to hang those up.  And by the time Rerun was done hanging his ornaments, the novelty had pretty much worn off.  Especially because I wouldn’t let him hang all of his ornaments on one branch.  Mom’s such a killjoy.

Speaking of Rerun, here’s his new ornament:

Man of Steel ornament

He wanted at least half a dozen ornaments, but I finally decided on this one for him.  And boy, was he THRILLED to have it and hang it on the tree.  I helped him put it at his level, and he keeps pointing it out to everyone who comes over and sees the tree.

Tad is nothing if not consistent.

Batman... again

For those of you keeping track, this now makes 3 Batman figures, plus one vintage 1966 Batmobile, on the tree.

Ane may say she’s outgrowing princesses, but…

Merida the archer

Merida isn’t exactly a “typical” princess, but she still is one.

And Thumper can’t pick out an ornament yet, but I still may find one for him to start collecting.  But I did get this:

Baby's 1st Christmas

I have no idea who THAT baby is, but we will be replacing the picture shortly with Thumper’s picture.

I love looking at my tree and going down memory lane with the ornaments as guideposts.  It’s one of my most favorite things about Christmas.

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