Early Party and Piercings

We decided to let Ane celebrate her birthday with her friends a little early this year, for a couple of reasons.

First, her friend Gracie is here, and will be leaving again with her family for India in January.  This way, she was able to go to Ane’s party.

Second, Ane is turning ten (!!!!!!!!) this year.  In our family, turning ten means that you are officially old enough to have your ears pierced.  And was Ane ever ready!  But since we didn’t want her to have red earlobes in her birthday pictures, we decided to do the actual ear piercing a couple of weeks early.

So, we invited some friends, and told the minions to assemble at Claire’s – which Ane has decided is her new favorite store.

Party girls!(from left to right – Lina, Anna, Ane, Gracie, Little Mo, and Essie)

Ane was kind of nervous, but she wasn’t letting it show.

Ready to be made holey

Here is the “before” picture – yes, she has small, attached earlobes.  It’s genetic.


And here is the “after” picture.  After much deliberating about what kind of earrings she wanted for her very first pair, she surprised me and went instead with her birthstone (which is crystal blue zircon at Claire’s in the starter earrings).


The girls then got to each pick out a “party favor” of their choice at Claire’s (under a certain amount, but they all loved the freedom to pick out something for themselves), and then we did a little wandering at the mall before walking over to Red Robin for presents and lunch.

Opening presents

Ane got to open her birthday gifts while we waited for our food, and after we’d eaten, we ordered the mile-high mud pie.  Two of them, actually.


And of course, the wait staff sang “Happy Birthday” to her – and they were kind enough to bring extra plates so I could divide up the mud pie for the girls.

Ane had an absolute blast – but most importantly, she has finally gotten old enough to achieve one of her dreams.

Her ears are finally pierced.

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