Out of Time

It’s not so much that I’m ready for Christmas to show up.

It’s more that I’m out of time to get anything else done, so I’ve hit a wall in what I can accomplish.

I’ve been keeping a to-do list since Thanksgiving weekend, and it just kept getting longer.  I did manage to get most everything crossed off.  But I found myself scaling back, or trying to shift deadlines.  Some things – like my cards – got finished MUCH later than I was planning, which aggravated me to no end.  This has been a shorter Christmas season, and it seems like a lot of things got front-loaded for me.  I got all the nieces and nephews done before Thanksgiving – one set of presents had to be shipped to arrive on time, and the other set were here to actually open presents – but that ate at time.  Ane had her friends birthday party before her actual birthday this year – something we’ve never done before, but we altered this year for good reasons.  But now I remember why putting it off until January is a better idea.  It ate at the time I needed to get Christmas things done.

However, my January is shaping up to be quite normal and low-key.  Maybe I’ll be able to recover some of the sleep that I’ve lost.

I’m still wrapping presents, but the end is in sight (plus I have help).

Everyone chill out and have a cookie.  It’s Christmas Eve!

cookie plate

One Response to “Out of Time”

  1. linda
    December 24th, 2013 09:13

    Merry Christmas from the two of us!
    We are Blessed having All of you as Family!
    Celebrate Jesus’ Birthday with: Joy, Love and Peace!